Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hoarding bags can sometimes be guilt-free!

if you're a baghag like me, you'll definitely fall in love with super bag sale outlet (yes, it's as generic as that) in robinson's starmills, pampanga.

of course, hoarding branded bags is still the ultimate thing but it won't hurt to buy the inexpensive ones especially when they're so cute to ignore!

(sorry if the images are blurred as i just secretly took pictures of them with my mobile phone)

(zebra print & hot pink make purse for only P49 -- if i am not mistaken)

(leopard print umbrella case for only P39)

(estee lauder slim make up kit)

(plastic translucent shoulder bag for P99)

(big beach bag for only P199)

(belkin ipod nano case for only P29)

(cath kidston like lunchbox for only P99)

(emergency road kit bag for only P99)

(baby pink bag for your underwear. CUTE!)

(polka dot bag for only P99)

(faux snake skin doctor's bag for P299-- i think)

(cute trollies for only P99)

(a rip off of a steve madden bag for only P299)

(leopard print hobo bag for only P299)

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  1. i love ur kikay posts!! haha!! did u buy anything?/ let me know naman where to find cheap branded bags!! i need to plan my next one! :P