Thursday, April 29, 2010

tulog na!

earlier today, i told my friend/art director drea how stressed and drained i was for all the work i have been doing since god knows when. i know it's not a good thing to pass on the B.V. but i just couldn't contain it no more.

a few minutes after my random ranting, she surprised me by emailing an mp3 of Sugarfree - "tulog na"

hearing the song made me want to sleep or be somewhere else till kingdom come! haay!

thanks drea! *hug* :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

for your ears only

who would want to be caught using tattered earphones? i wouldn't want to. it just does not give justice to the great music you are listening to! well, if you are still looking for those perfect headphones to match your style, go check out URBANEARS. people can pretty much say what your personality is when they see you "wearing" one.

i am not a big fan of chunky headphones but this one made me change my mind when i saw this last saturday in pc walker (a gadgets store in greenhills mall, 3/f). they're just lovely! i am actually torn between the pink and the purple one. :)

*damage = P2,9++

P.S. this is not a paid blog (i wish!). i just fell in love with them when i saw them last saturday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a tiny canvas tote & a vintage cam case

finally, i got my marc by marc jacobs canvas tote (from japan) and lumix lx 3 vintage case (from hong kong) after a month of waiting.

honestly, i was tad disappointed when i first saw the tote bag. i was expecting for its size to be a bit larger than my lunch box but i eventually grew fond of it. :)

my love affair with melon ice cream bar

i have always been a fan of melons (yes, the fruit).i can drink it as milk (from magnolia), as juice (with melon strings), or simply eat it as is but i never thought i'd fall in love eating a melon ice cream bar.

a few months back, an officemate bought a lot of melon ice cream bars from a korean store nearby our office for everyone to try. at first, i was kinda hesitant to take a bite thinking it will be the end of my "romance" with melons... BUT i was wrong! the sweet taste and soft, creamy feel lingering in your mouth is sheer BLISS! after that, i knew i had to go that korean shop to buy more. i may have forgotten the brand but the look of the packaging was deeply ingrained in my head. :)

from time to time, i would pass by the same korean store where my officemate bought it hoping they are still selling them but each visit just made my heart ache. it was either the store was closed or there was no stock.

i finally gave up going there and told myself it wasn't meant to be until one saturday afternoon... while doing grocery shopping in S&R, we passed by the dairy section looking for melon milk when i saw a pile of green boxes that look like the melon ice cream bar i have been craving for since. my face suddenly lit up and i almost shrieked in excitement. i carelessly opened the freezer and held the box as if i won a jackpot! well, it was a jackpot indeed!

since marco and i were both excited to eat it, we opened the box right away after paying for it in the counter! :)

now i know where to go whenever i crave for this mouthwatering ice cream bar! yey for S&R!

*damage - Ginggrae Melona's box of 8 will cost you P238! don't worry it's worth every penny!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

my daily fix

these keep me sane... especially on toxic days.

(iced green or basic black tea venti from starbucks, my ipod nano and my crazy nokia 6600 phone)

Friday, April 2, 2010

gaga with PoGo!

i know it's too much to ask since i recently got a lumix lx3 for my birthday and i still have my gold canon ixus and my old hello kitty polaroid but i am seriously thinking of getting this pogo!
with this cam, you can take a snap and print your photo in jiffy! yes, it has a built-in printer. how cool is that?!

you just need to use zink paper which costs P180 for 10 pcs and you can stick it anywhere you want. *drool*

and did you know that lady gaga is polariod's new creative director? well, that's another thing to rave about!

* damage = P11, 995