Monday, November 16, 2009

i wish...

...that i'll be given a new office laptop or at least better than this crappy IBM T60 i am using so i can blog more. if you will notice, i blog on weekdays, during office hours. why? i need a stress buster. :D
that's why it makes me sad whenever i attempt to attach photos and it goes on error.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it comes in threes

as they say, misfortune comes in threes.

1st - i forgot my laptop at home and i just realized that i left it when i was already halfway to makati. i had to drive back and get that freaking laptop. imagine me shouting inside the car, cursing carelessly like a sailor. i could've reached the office at 9:30am IF i didn't forget to bring it.

2nd - my crazy IBM office laptop conked out when i was about to present to the client. it made that friggin' "ambulance" sound that i had to shamefully shove it back inside my laptop bag. useless piece of crap!

3rd - the worst thing that happened to me yesterday for the whole west block of Bonifacio High Street to see was i hit my head hard on the van's entrance. it was so hard i shouted so loud that it freaked out some by standers. worse, i was on the phone talking to the client when it happened. arrggghhhh!!!

monday, oh monday! how cruel and unforgiving and sadly, i was the innocent victim.