Wednesday, October 21, 2009

do you have FAD?

Do you have FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)? If you spend more than an hour ogling on it, you lose sleep over it, you can't help but sneak into facebook-ing while at work...then you have FAD!

To know more about it, click this:

Well, I would like to think I am not addicted to it...NOT YET!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sleep deprived

it's already 5:17 am and we're still up to man the shoot. the sun will soon rise and the camera is still grinding. i hope it will end soon. my bed is already calling me. my eyes are getting droopy. my senses are already getting numb.

i am so tempted to take a quick nap but half of me is fighting off this feeling. i need to stay awake for the next 3 hours and i am secretly hoping it'll not go beyond that anymore.

pimples, don't break out. i have a wedding to attend to this sunday. if i had it my way, i would be sound asleep by this time but the call of duty says otherwise.

i am already sleep deprived! can't wait to hit the sack but i just remembered, i still need to drive back home. uh-oh!