Sunday, June 6, 2010


i have been telling myself since 2008 that i needed to run. not because everyone's already doing it but because i have to be healthy.

i may be 96 lbs. thin but ever since i've transferred agencies (not to mention the unhealthy lifestyle i have - stressful work and partying almost every night) and stopped attending muay thai classes, my body started to feel soft like a jell-o.

one of the (lame) reasons why i haven't really found the motivation to run is the lack of having the right pair of running shoes. i used to abuse my nike cortez for hiking and running. but last april, when my sister came home from the U.S., she gave me a pair of :

it's already the 1st week of june and i haven't even had the time to use them. they've been in my car trunk for three weeks now and have not even seen the light of day.

pfft! i know i should really stop counting the excuses and start running or i'll end up being a twenty something lampayatot!

1 comment:

  1. excuses are for the weak!!! hahaha!

    (akala mo naman kung sino ako magsalita? ako itong queen of procrastinators! :p )