Monday, May 10, 2010

let your vote count!

the loud volume of the tv coming from the living room and my dad's persistent roll call via the intercon woke me up. it was 6:45 am. my dad told us to eat fast, take a bath and dress up quickly so we can reach the voting precinct early before it gets crowded. we left the house an hour later and reached bacood elementary school (in sta.mesa, manila) in 15 minutes.

the school was a mess. flyers, pocket calendars, sample ballots, empty water bottles and left over food were scattered on the floor. people from all walks of life were seen on every corner. others looked confused as they didn't know where to go, some looked like they were out to go clubbing (yes, they were all "overly" dolled up) but most of them looked irate and tired. it didn't help that it was very hot and humid.

it took us quite a while to find our designated voting area and the "journey" to get there was just crazy.when we reached our precinct, we had to fall in a snake like line for two long hours before taking our turn. it was painstakingly consuming! good thing, the actual voting turned out to be a breeze. it just took me 10 minutes to get it done.

i felt a sudden swell of pride after exercising my right to vote. i know it counts, so is yours! let's all make a difference as the future of our country lies on us!

(kudos to all those who took time and effort to endure the heat,the long lines, the endless waiting just to vote especially to the teachers and volunteers who are risking their lives just to make the elections an honest, peaceful and successful one.)

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