Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hoarding bags can sometimes be guilt-free!

if you're a baghag like me, you'll definitely fall in love with super bag sale outlet (yes, it's as generic as that) in robinson's starmills, pampanga.

of course, hoarding branded bags is still the ultimate thing but it won't hurt to buy the inexpensive ones especially when they're so cute to ignore!

(sorry if the images are blurred as i just secretly took pictures of them with my mobile phone)

(zebra print & hot pink make purse for only P49 -- if i am not mistaken)

(leopard print umbrella case for only P39)

(estee lauder slim make up kit)

(plastic translucent shoulder bag for P99)

(big beach bag for only P199)

(belkin ipod nano case for only P29)

(cath kidston like lunchbox for only P99)

(emergency road kit bag for only P99)

(baby pink bag for your underwear. CUTE!)

(polka dot bag for only P99)

(faux snake skin doctor's bag for P299-- i think)

(cute trollies for only P99)

(a rip off of a steve madden bag for only P299)

(leopard print hobo bag for only P299)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

rompers (like stilletos) = tiis ganda!

rompers are cute BUT are inconvenient to use.
imagine you unbuttoning/unzipping the whole thing when you have to pee or poop. what if you're in a hurry?! tssk!
so girls, if you feel like using the washroom already...don't delay. provide ample time or else, you'll cram inside the cubicle :D

suede seduction

there will be a point in our shoeholic lives where we will purchase a pair (or two or mooreeee) of suede shoes coz they're just simply hard to resist. they're sleek and sexy.

my "addiction" started last year when i saw this pair of boots in centropelle, vigan last summer. (yes in vigan - 50% off).

then a pair of apple green bandage sandals from zara, glorietta 4 (january of this year).

just last week, i bought a pair of tangerine peep toe pumps and royal blue & black ballet flats. (in SM Megamall, Dept. Store! Yey for steal finds!)

(they have these in fuschia and teal)

the only drawback is that they're hard (and expensive) to maintain. when i accidentally spilled black tea on my apple green sandals two months ago, i was forced to buy a suede cleaner from ecco (rustan's, makati). it cost me P500++ which is quite steep for a shoe cleaner and i am telling you, despite cleaning it well, the stains didn't really disappear.

so if you're not so hot on buying expensive suede cleaners, here are some simple tips i saw in which you may find useful:

  1. Step1

    Rub suede gently with a bath towel to restore some of its nap.

  2. Step2

    Remove dry stains and marks from suede by gently rubbing a pencil eraser on the affected area. For wet stains lay a papertowel on top of stain to absorb most of the liquid. Do not apply any kind of stain remover or other products, especially if you want to have it professionally cleaned. This can interfere with the cleaning process.

  3. Step3

    Brush with a suede brush.

  4. Step4

    Apply a small amount of white vinegar to a lightly dampened cloth as a last resort for cleaning suede shoes.

  5. Step5

    Gently rub the surface of the shoe with the cloth, then allow it to air dry.

  6. Step6

    Remember that stains on leather and suede should be professionally treated. This is always the best option. You never know how the leather was treated during the making of your fabric and what will happen if you try to clean it yourself.

Monday, May 17, 2010

forgive my dirty mind

does this make you laugh and say "bastos!" or is my mind just dirty?

marco and i found this in mini stop (prince plaza, makati) while buying gums and twin popsies. this lollipop really cracked me up. sorry, i know it's weird to laugh at this one but i just couldn't help myself.

maybe, just maybe you'd find this funny too (meaning...bastos ka rin! haha!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

silverpixie turns a year older (but fiercer)

she taught me how to deal with the shittiest of shits.
she stood by me when i was at my lowest.
she accepted me for who i am.
she pushed me to be better.
she believed in me.

she opened up her heart and soul to me without any hesitations.
she made me appreciate the little things i used to ignore.
she made me realize that life is too short to wallow in misery.

she was not only my art director but she is (and will always be) also a dear friend.

piks, you'll always have a soft spot in my heart.

i love you! happy birthday! :)

p.s. the girl in picture is pika.

Monday, May 10, 2010

B.O.T.O na!

Make your vote count and avail of Subway's B.O.T.O (buy one take one) promo! Just show your finger with the indelible ink from May 10 to 12 and get a free Subway sandwich when you buy one.

How cool is that?!

*saw this banner in petron station, nlex (south bound) last sunday afternoon on our way home from subic.

let your vote count!

the loud volume of the tv coming from the living room and my dad's persistent roll call via the intercon woke me up. it was 6:45 am. my dad told us to eat fast, take a bath and dress up quickly so we can reach the voting precinct early before it gets crowded. we left the house an hour later and reached bacood elementary school (in sta.mesa, manila) in 15 minutes.

the school was a mess. flyers, pocket calendars, sample ballots, empty water bottles and left over food were scattered on the floor. people from all walks of life were seen on every corner. others looked confused as they didn't know where to go, some looked like they were out to go clubbing (yes, they were all "overly" dolled up) but most of them looked irate and tired. it didn't help that it was very hot and humid.

it took us quite a while to find our designated voting area and the "journey" to get there was just crazy.when we reached our precinct, we had to fall in a snake like line for two long hours before taking our turn. it was painstakingly consuming! good thing, the actual voting turned out to be a breeze. it just took me 10 minutes to get it done.

i felt a sudden swell of pride after exercising my right to vote. i know it counts, so is yours! let's all make a difference as the future of our country lies on us!

(kudos to all those who took time and effort to endure the heat,the long lines, the endless waiting just to vote especially to the teachers and volunteers who are risking their lives just to make the elections an honest, peaceful and successful one.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

belo is a MILF!

i couldn't help but stare at vicky belo's bod when i saw her picture in one of chuvaness' blogs. her waist looks 22 inches small. *drool* i remember having that waist line my when my weight used to be 82 lbs.

her boobies and silky white skin are just wow! her hair makes her 15 years younger looking too.

she looks so young and fresh and even hotter than her daughter (see girl in the background).

well, she's no dr. vicky belo (the cosmetic surgeon for celebrities and sheer vains) for nothing!

note: i am not gay and i am not even a fan. i am just one woman who can shamelessly appreciate another female specie.

Monday, May 3, 2010

BKK, you broke my heart!

it's been a week since my supposed bangkok trip with marco and cookie and until now there are moments (especially when i am alone) that i think about the "what could have been.." if it pushed through.

as i have posted in facebook hours before our supposed flight, i have long waited for april to come. i have endured the long hours of tedious work since the start of the year thinking i will eventually take the much needed break come april 24. more or less 6 days of sheer fun, cam whoring, partying, shopping and food tripping. it could have been crazy and i would still be struggling uploading photos until now.

i intentionally didn't blog about this the day before our supposed departure nor during the days i was supposed to be out of the country. i was just too frustrated.

it was just heartbreaking to know that the hard earned money just slipped from one's firm grip in a snap. we already paid for the air fare and hotel. unfortunately, cebupac will not give our money back. as for baiyoke hotel, we got a word from the travel agency that there's a big possibility of refund tho with deductions. will wait for it this week.

what's more tormenting is seeing the photos of how bangkok now looks like in the midst of political strife or watch the news about the bombings.

that saturday night, cookie and i went momentarily forget but the heavy feeling just dragged on. it was not easy. :(

again, as i said, it's been a week. i already spent the long weekend that just passed basking under the sun, swimming in the pristine beach and camping in nagsasa cove in zambales with advertising friends (which i tremendously enjoyed) but the fact remains the same... the bkk trip which had been planned for 2 years didn't push through.

i don't know when will i be able to make it happen. i guess i'll be pushing my luck if i go this may. it's too soon. bangkok is still in chaos.

the good thing is cookie, marco and i are safe and we're all hoping things will get better there soon. for now, the shopping, partying, food tripping and camwhoring in bangkok will have to wait.