Wednesday, December 29, 2010

surf in style

crash in the waves and surf in style with these voguish chanel surf boards.

i wouldn't mind getting all beat up and tanned if i had these :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

splitsville: the new trend?

another hollywood break up alert! 

ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson just called it quits. whhyyy??? i don't really like the girl but they'd sure have cute babies ONLY had they stayed together. they were only married for two years!

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds Split Up

yesterday, it was zac and vanessa. today, it's ryan and scarlett. who's next?

arrghh! i also have friends who just broke up with their partners (some... at the brink of). is love just too easy to ditch now?! is heading to splitsville the new trend?! if it is, i'd rather be on the "baduy" end! 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

rhum cokes on me?!

everyone's rejoicing... well, the girls are (especially in JWT Manila) when it was announced that zac efron is now SINGLE! 


"It's nothing dramatic," one source said. "There's no third party involved."
Says another source, "They were together for so long. It just ran its course."

i am not a hard core fan but i do find him HOT! so, should we start partying? rhum cokes on me :) 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

vogue italia on my shoulder

i am a sucker for bags. 

branded or not - 

as long as they exude oomph and style.

last sunday, i found this pretty tarp bag with a vogue italia print in a bazaar and bought it without blinking.

for more flair, i added a leopard print scarf i got from taipei.


Monday, December 6, 2010

sleep deprived

today, i woke up at three in the morning for reasons i couldn't fathom. i tried mighty hard to go back to sleep but my mind wouldn't cooperate. all i could ever think of was work.  

my mind was furiously doing mental notes on the things that need to be done. what's worse, the sound of the clock ticking made my heart race faster. 


i didn't take any meds for my cough and colds the night before but it felt like i was high on drugs!

this is insane.

working on a saturday or a sunday (or checking emails to say the least) may sound unfair BUT for work to invade your sleep and deprive you of your remaining hours of rest before you get to the "battlefield" is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

i feel tired and sleepy! i miss my pillows and my bed. i wish i could just stay home and doze off.

my colds and cough won't go away. maybe, just maybe if i could only rest enough, i'd be fine again.

*sad face*