Thursday, July 29, 2010


crash and burn!
monday was more than manic.
tuesday was more than toxic.
wednesday was more than wild.
today, thursday is being unkind to me.

i don't want to mince my words and i don't want to apologize for this grim behavior.
i am not in the mood to be all chummy chummy right now nor to even take a shot of tequila.
i feel tired and consumed - mentally, physically and emotionally.

i know i should be pushing this shitty feeling aside but i just can't help it.
suicide in my mind.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

i will miss chi's!

i am picky with pizzas. 
i don't like thick crusts. 
i don't like them too thin and soggy. 
i don't like sweet sauces.
i don't like local cheese and local hotdogs on them. 

that's why i love chi's brick oven kitchen because
they serve mouthwatering & perfectly done pizzas. 
they also make the best calzones, pastas, rice meals (spicy sardines...)
and desserts. 

i will miss this place immensely. 
i will miss having saturday late lunches here with marco...
or having after client presentation lunches here with our jwt-kraft team...
now i have one less reason to go to the south (bf, paranaque). 


(their brick oven)

(marco's fave drink here - blue iced tea)

(my favorite - bacon & mushroom cheese burger melt)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

death by tequila

provill's party in amber last thursday night was insane! overflowing jack cokes, malibus, red wines, it they had it.

waking up the next day was the hardest. my body was sore, my head was spinning and i still couldn't believe how i was able to drive home unscathed.  acck! major hangover!

facebook was flooded with sexy, crazy, hilarious and heart stopping photos of agency peeps gone wild. omg! tag this, untag that, delete, delete, delete the rest! 

all i can say is good times! good times! 

'till the next provill party. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

blog backlog


i am guilty as charged! :( 

it's been a while since i last signed in and I am guilty of not blogging lately. july has not been that kind to me to spare some time to sit down and start blogging again. it will be unfair tho if i say it's just work that make my days and nights crazzyy packed. binge drinking and clubbin' here and there, shopping sprees, movie marathons, people watching, food trips, quality time with the boyfie and family, birthdays and weddings filled the gaps of my almost 24/7 work life. 

Life is shitty good! 

I'll be back with a revenge and will flood this site again...soon ( i hope!)



Sunday, July 4, 2010

triple SIM phone is the new black!

when you can't have enough digits to keep and friends to call and text, here's the phone that will truly make you and the 3 giant mobile networks happy -- Cherry Mobile unleashes Trident (Q300). It's prolly the first phone to have a triple SIM capability  here in the Philippines. 

yours to keep for only P6,490! not bad at all. move over myphone! 

i want!!!