Sunday, March 21, 2010

i'd stick with my lancome red apple lipstick

i may sometimes do crazy things for kicks but i definitely choose my "adventures" and this is one of the things i'd think twice to do simply because i just don't want to give things away too easily. :)

i say, i'd stick with my lancome red apple lipstick!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i was a SoFashionista for a day

the universe was kind enough to let me experience being a SoFA student even for a day to know if i really need to study fashion styling or merchandising. i must say, the experience wasn't bad at all.

anyways, going through the details, i was 15 minutes late. good thing they were just showing a video of the recently concluded fashion week. around 11 am, they started discussing about how SoFA was founded, who the members of the faculty are and how long the school has been operating. i kinda tuned out in the middle of the talk and was secretly hoping we move on to "the immersion". a few minutes more, we were toured around to see the different classrooms.

in the dressmaking (?) class, i saw ms. loida hunter, one of the finalists in Project Runway S1 who also happens to be the mom of AD (a colleague/account manager from BBDO) and we exchanged pleasantries and took a picture together.

(mrs. hunter and i)

after the tour, they called for a 1 hour & 15 minute break and so kara (my officemate) and i with a new friend, jeam (?!) (sorry, i am not sure if i got your name right and i even forgot to take a pic with you as well) killed time at the SoFA's mini cafeteria.

an hour and 15 minutes after, we were called to sit in in visual merchanding class (oooppss, i forgot the name of the professor). the class has 9 students and sadly, they weren't into the subject. the professor had quite a hard time squeezing the ideas out from her students. 30 minutes after, we were pulled out to transfer to the next class but kara and i decided to leave already.

honestly, i was tad disappointed that they don't offer fashion merchandising workshop as i couldn't afford to cough up sixty-five grand to enroll in the short course. for the styling workshops, the sessions got shorter (with only 4 sessions/6 hours per session) and more expensive. if my memory serves me right, the styling workshops used be 8 sessions long at fifteen grand.

kara and i came to realize though, we really don't need to go into a workshop just to study basic or advanced styling as the industry we are already in is giving it to us for FREE and we're actually paid for to do it (given the tv and print requirements we're tasked to do). we both agreed that we just have to pay more attention when there's a shoot and learn the ropes from there.

well, SoFA may not have convinced me enough to be part of them but they made me realize what i have been taking for granted all along and that i am blessed to be in the industry where others just dream of being in.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i miss...

1. singing.
i realized the other night while driving home that i haven't hit a note for quite a while now. it was my cousin who reminded me that i used to sing... in public functions. she actually requested to sing a song or two on her wedding this april and i don't know if i can still do it. :(

2. playing the guitar.
i taught myself how to...ten summers ago. i used to borrow a guitar from our family friend and read old song hits, sing the lines and pluck the chords till i get it right. now i can only do a D, C, A, E and G.

3. drawing.
i used to draw/paint a lot when i was younger. i even got a "best in arts" award in 3rd grade :)
i am a frustrated artist and i admire people who can paint on walls and canvass or even on a scratch paper. i used to "waste" my mom's bond papers trying to perfect my artwork.

4. designing and making accessories.
i started designing and making them back in 2006. i was in okeechobee, florida for a 2 month vacation and most of time i was left alone at home. to kill time, i would google for design inspirations and start creating beautiful pieces. i remember how i forced my cousins to buy my "collection" when i transferred to california.

5. painting my nails.
lately, i haven't had the luxury of time to paint my nails and if i do, i'd just do it in a jiff. i miss spending a little bit more time choosing and experimenting colors.

6. coloring my hair.
i used to sport a blonde, black and red do. people found it eccentric but i found it cool.

7. doing pilates.
i used to do it almost everyday. now i can only do the "100s".

8. updating my playlist.
i used to update it every other day. now i just find it taxing.

9. watching a movie (in the movie house).
maybe it's the lack of time or the good movies worth spending time and money with. i dunno.

10. killing time in coffee shops with my girlfriends.
i guess we all got busy (i am secretly hoping though we didn't grow apart)

these are all i can think of right now. nonetheless, i feel bad that i have so little time in my hands. if only i could have the teeny weeny bit more luxury of time to do other things than work, i would love to take a step back and enjoy life better.