Wednesday, June 30, 2010

why japan can't win in the world cup

idiosyncrasy #2

i am afraid of a hearse. 

whether it has a coffin inside it or not!

i cringe at the sight of it parked outside of a church more so seeing it on the road.  it gives me a weird and scary thought that it's a premonition of my untimely death or someone i know will die. acck!

last friday morning, i saw an old and rusting hearse on the road. its pace was slow given the heavy traffic and was carelessly blasting a tear jerker "all by myself" song by celine dion. gawd, it freaked me out. i tried mighty hard to change lanes but the traffic was unforgiving and i had to endure being beside it for 30 minutes. 

beads of sweat!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

idiosyncrasy #1

we all have our idiosyncrasies. 

petty or not, it's what makes us unique.

it's just funny that after a long time, the late lunch at chi's yesterday reminded me of one of my quirks... i don't like being served with a glass of water that's half filled (or almost half filled) whether at home or in a restaurant. it always feels like i am shortchanged.

weird i know but it really irks me. 

this is one of my many idiosyncrasies. what's yours?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the union of two opposite souls

she never thought she'll fall in love with him but she did...a million times over.
she calls him "the one" and he calls her "my queen" but they are like repelling magnets. 
the universe must be crazy! :)

discover darvin and carla's beautiful love story and dream wedding by visiting this site:

while you're at it, please vote for them as well and help them win:

" We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."  - Sam Keen

where the chic and sassy shop!

curio accessories shop is back in business after a six month hiatus and it's fiercer than ever! 

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the jejemons will be outnumbered by the laking aircons this wednesday!

 tell your "dorotas" or your "emelies"  (read: your yaya or assistant BUT then again, if you're a genuine laking aircon you would know this)  to remind you that this coming wednesday night is the "laking aircon night" at attica, a.venue, makati.  

coño music by james bernardo and jason drilon of ogilvy and of course dj sniki (niki rojas) of jwt! 

you and your sowzhal bffs (or your dudes, pares, bros) shouldn't miss this! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

i wonder...

... who really visits my blog site. i remember people telling me that they read it but how can i really be so sure?! well, the curious (yet the procrastinating) cat that i am, finally decided to download the blog hits counter application today.

i know this pretty much late to do as i started writing since august of last year but i care less. it doesn't really matter if it's inaccurate, i just want you guys to keep coming back! you'd make the average everyday sane pyscho supergoddess extremely happy! :)

fake nails...FAIL!

I bought two sets of cute fake nails from Saizen thinking I can apply them on my own. I am not too crazy to burn my moolah on this luxury in Dashing Diva.

Lo and behold, after a few minutes of standing in front of the electric fan to dry the glue, 'dem fake nails fell off one after the other. :( I guess I just have to stick with my good ol' REAL nails then.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

kids turn into little fazhioniztaz!

i wish they existed when i was 4 years old! it would've been perfect for my school parties and programs!

on a second thought, i still prefer the cute and adorable look (sunday dress + printed or plain stockings + mary janes + cute ribbon or headband) for a 3 or 6 year old girl coz it looks more appropriate. these new styles (see above) make the kids look older than their age. parang paparty lang ah! pinapabilis tuloy nateng tumanda ang mga bata!

P.S. kids shoes with heels drive me insane! varicose veins at an early age! acck!

(clothes found in the kids section of SM dept store)


i have been telling myself since 2008 that i needed to run. not because everyone's already doing it but because i have to be healthy.

i may be 96 lbs. thin but ever since i've transferred agencies (not to mention the unhealthy lifestyle i have - stressful work and partying almost every night) and stopped attending muay thai classes, my body started to feel soft like a jell-o.

one of the (lame) reasons why i haven't really found the motivation to run is the lack of having the right pair of running shoes. i used to abuse my nike cortez for hiking and running. but last april, when my sister came home from the U.S., she gave me a pair of :

it's already the 1st week of june and i haven't even had the time to use them. they've been in my car trunk for three weeks now and have not even seen the light of day.

pfft! i know i should really stop counting the excuses and start running or i'll end up being a twenty something lampayatot!