Monday, May 3, 2010

BKK, you broke my heart!

it's been a week since my supposed bangkok trip with marco and cookie and until now there are moments (especially when i am alone) that i think about the "what could have been.." if it pushed through.

as i have posted in facebook hours before our supposed flight, i have long waited for april to come. i have endured the long hours of tedious work since the start of the year thinking i will eventually take the much needed break come april 24. more or less 6 days of sheer fun, cam whoring, partying, shopping and food tripping. it could have been crazy and i would still be struggling uploading photos until now.

i intentionally didn't blog about this the day before our supposed departure nor during the days i was supposed to be out of the country. i was just too frustrated.

it was just heartbreaking to know that the hard earned money just slipped from one's firm grip in a snap. we already paid for the air fare and hotel. unfortunately, cebupac will not give our money back. as for baiyoke hotel, we got a word from the travel agency that there's a big possibility of refund tho with deductions. will wait for it this week.

what's more tormenting is seeing the photos of how bangkok now looks like in the midst of political strife or watch the news about the bombings.

that saturday night, cookie and i went momentarily forget but the heavy feeling just dragged on. it was not easy. :(

again, as i said, it's been a week. i already spent the long weekend that just passed basking under the sun, swimming in the pristine beach and camping in nagsasa cove in zambales with advertising friends (which i tremendously enjoyed) but the fact remains the same... the bkk trip which had been planned for 2 years didn't push through.

i don't know when will i be able to make it happen. i guess i'll be pushing my luck if i go this may. it's too soon. bangkok is still in chaos.

the good thing is cookie, marco and i are safe and we're all hoping things will get better there soon. for now, the shopping, partying, food tripping and camwhoring in bangkok will have to wait.

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