Monday, February 8, 2010

the girl's got new gadgets to tinker!

i am no tech savvy!technology overwhelms me sometimes. hence, i settle for what's simple and convenient. as long my camera captures the moments i couldn't afford to miss and as long as the music never stops to amuse me i will stick with my trusty my gold & brown Canon IXUS i7 which marco gave as his christmas gift 3 years ago and the 1st gen iPod nano which was a gift from my cousin back in 2006.

it never occured to me though that i will be replacing them soon until...

i attended Kraft's very first IMC awards last january 22 and took home a brand new iPod nano (4th gen) for being one of the 3 best dressed ladies in avant garde attire.

(credit goes to celine & troj because i "recycled" my bride's maid gown & head dress from their wedding for this event. i just layered it with a black furry vest from pink manila and strapped it neatly with my brown leather belt)

and just last tuesday night, marco surprised me with a Panasonic Lumix LX3! how cool is that?! i never even asked him to buy one for me. :)


i am a happy woman! :)

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