Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Japan's quirky fashion sense

I was asked by a friend/officemate to look for pegs on tokyo fashion as he needs it for his upcoming  February wedding with "Manila to Tokyo" as their theme. I was of course more than willing to do so but what hampered me on where to start is which site to look into. And then I stumbled upon http://www.tokyofashion.com/.

I went gaga over Japan's fashion sense as the outfits range from wearable and acceptable to outrageous and out of this world (actually only in Japan. haha!). Very quirky and crazy indeed! Actually, seeing their outfits made me want to go to Japan and dress like them (feeling ko walang baduy baduy dun! haha!)

I must say, only the Japs can pull these off! :)

(Fashion in Harajuku)

(men )



(Fashion in Shibuya)




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