Monday, September 21, 2009

vanity kicks in

I was never vain about my skin unlike other girls who'd die if they miss their weekly spa appointments. I can count with my fingers the times i went to a spa for a body scrub nor have i let a dermatologist touch my face but that doesn't mean i don't really take care of it. I have always found these treatments LAVISH. Even all those creams and lotions I find EXPENSIVE. Either I wait for the next "balikbayan boxes" to arrive having those Estees, Cliniques, Niveas, Bath and Body Works or I ask my mom to buy it for me.

Not until I woke up one Friday morning and I found my self staring long and worried at the mirror! Dear heavens, I am starting to have fine lines under my eyes! Marco was right, stress and unhealthy lifestyle are starting to take its toll on me.

The night before while we were having drinks, he took a close look at my face. He said I look tired and some fine lines are showing under my eyes. To my defense, I said they're not wrinkles, it's just smudged make-up. Secretly though, I was starting to worry. Weekend came and I hit the mall to find an anti-ageing cream.

All of them were saying the very same thing -- IT'LL MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER and FAIRER after XX amount of days. Darn! Not only were they expensive, their promises were too good to be true. I know, I know...I should know better since I am in the industry that can sell shit to the unassuming consumers.

After much contemplation, I finally gave in. I settled for Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy Collagen + Chamomile Extract. The Collagen Cream works for the upper eye to reduce fine lines and crow's feet. The Chamomile Extract reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles and the good thing is IT WAS 50% OFF. How could you not resist?

Well I hope it'll work together with my Olay Total Effects Day Cream. :-P

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