Monday, September 14, 2009

kanye west is a douche bag

how immature... to steal the limelight from a country lass who just won the "best female video" award which is actually her very 1st for MTV VMA and diss her just like that. taylor swift may not have that oomph like beyonce or kathy perry or lady gaga but she doesn't deserve being outdone on stage when it was her time to shine.

i am not a fan of taylor swift but i did feel for her after seeing this video...

kanye west may have made waves in the music industry but that doesn't give him the right to diss other budding artists. You don't need to be educated to know what's right or wrong. Such an a*s#oLe!

Anyway, Beyonce gave Taylor another chance to thank her fans when the former won "Best Video" for Single Ladies.

The douche bag finally came to his senses and apologized. Whatda?! The damage has been done Kanye!

See link below for the full story:

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