Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what was your halloween costume?

every halloween, anyone can just be anyone or anything. princes and princesses, movie and cartoon characters, angels more so evils are already predictable and actually expected of. this bores me!

there were two people though (who incidentally have the same names  only that they have an almost 3 decade age gap) who convinced me that halloween is STILL FUN and unpredictable!

enzo cruz, 28, copy writer from JWT Manila

i laughed my heart out when i saw this. THIS. IS.  NUTS! what's crazier?! one of the kids approached him and said "mr. squid, spit on me! spit on me!" dear lord, forgive the child's innocence. 

this kid on the other hand, made me melt! he is such a sweetheart and will be a future heartbreaker for sure! :)

enzo cruz, 1 yr old, baby of one of our art directors in JWT Manila

i'd say, i enjoyed this year's halloween than last year's.  hope you had fun too! by the way, what was your halloween costume? :)

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