Thursday, October 14, 2010

backlog to the hilt

after the glorious 6-day trip in taipei, i dove back to reality -- of a work-life imbalance. hundreds of emails to read, tons of JOs to do, meetings to attend to, reimbursements to file, calls (and texts) to make not to mention the gazillion competitive analyses we have to accomplish. and oh, the work "thing" that seems to make us all emo. 

my "other life" takes the back seat again. the "other life" meaning the fashion/wardrobe styling i've been doing on the side, the accessories business i have been trying hard to sustain, the gatherings i've been skipping unintentionally,  the tons of photos i've meaning to save, edit and upload, the articles/topics i have long been wanting to blog about, the boyfriend's birthday gift i should've bought eons ago, and the endless list just goes on...

24 hours in a day is not enough and it doesn't help that each second goes oh sooooo zippy. it feels like you're running on a've been running for so long but you're still going nowhere. 

the fuse is getting shorter by the day. the feeling of frustration, desperation and exasperation seems to resurface.

i am a disaster waiting to happen. :(


  1. annie! cool photo!! is that you??

    work's been mega hectic for me too so you're not alone!! hope to see u next week at la night! we never really got to sit down and chat last time! take it easy! just remember--one thing at a time, one day at a time! mwah!

  2. cezziie! no, i googled it but it kinda looks like me so i grabbed it. :) it's been uber crazy. things just pile up inevitably. anyways, i really wanna go to LA next week. i have tons of chikas to tell :) see you soon! mwah!