Wednesday, August 4, 2010

stilettos to a rock concert

marco and i scored free tickets to coheed and cambria when we went to provill party two weeks ago so our last friday's date was at a.venue to watch the band. coheed is an american progressive rock band who incorporates progressive rockpunk rockheavy metal and post-hardcore in their music. 

don't get me wrong, i am not a fan and marco isn't really into them either but it was something new for the both us to watch a rock concert on a friday night. anyways, we came in late and we were only able to catch the last 45 minutes of their set but the crowd was wild and the atmosphere reeked of sweat and rhum (thanks to the tanduay bar beside us) so it got us both hyped and happy. 

honestly, i wasn't dressed for the occasion (meaning, i wasn't wearing sneaks, loose shirt and comfy bottoms - like what most peeps wear when watching mosh pit-body slammin' concerts like this) but at least i wore flats and pants. i was just overly surprised to see women clad in tight fitting clothes and killer heels. 

take this girl for example (my lens just couldn't take a pass on this). for me, it just seemed so wrong being dressed to the nines while everyone looked so carefree. i dunno what was on this girl's head but for sure she was dreading to be in that place. well, to each his own. i was just happy i was dressed comfortably while i sweated like a pig and marco had fun watching the band. 

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