Sunday, July 25, 2010

i will miss chi's!

i am picky with pizzas. 
i don't like thick crusts. 
i don't like them too thin and soggy. 
i don't like sweet sauces.
i don't like local cheese and local hotdogs on them. 

that's why i love chi's brick oven kitchen because
they serve mouthwatering & perfectly done pizzas. 
they also make the best calzones, pastas, rice meals (spicy sardines...)
and desserts. 

i will miss this place immensely. 
i will miss having saturday late lunches here with marco...
or having after client presentation lunches here with our jwt-kraft team...
now i have one less reason to go to the south (bf, paranaque). 


(their brick oven)

(marco's fave drink here - blue iced tea)

(my favorite - bacon & mushroom cheese burger melt)

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