Sunday, April 18, 2010

my love affair with melon ice cream bar

i have always been a fan of melons (yes, the fruit).i can drink it as milk (from magnolia), as juice (with melon strings), or simply eat it as is but i never thought i'd fall in love eating a melon ice cream bar.

a few months back, an officemate bought a lot of melon ice cream bars from a korean store nearby our office for everyone to try. at first, i was kinda hesitant to take a bite thinking it will be the end of my "romance" with melons... BUT i was wrong! the sweet taste and soft, creamy feel lingering in your mouth is sheer BLISS! after that, i knew i had to go that korean shop to buy more. i may have forgotten the brand but the look of the packaging was deeply ingrained in my head. :)

from time to time, i would pass by the same korean store where my officemate bought it hoping they are still selling them but each visit just made my heart ache. it was either the store was closed or there was no stock.

i finally gave up going there and told myself it wasn't meant to be until one saturday afternoon... while doing grocery shopping in S&R, we passed by the dairy section looking for melon milk when i saw a pile of green boxes that look like the melon ice cream bar i have been craving for since. my face suddenly lit up and i almost shrieked in excitement. i carelessly opened the freezer and held the box as if i won a jackpot! well, it was a jackpot indeed!

since marco and i were both excited to eat it, we opened the box right away after paying for it in the counter! :)

now i know where to go whenever i crave for this mouthwatering ice cream bar! yey for S&R!

*damage - Ginggrae Melona's box of 8 will cost you P238! don't worry it's worth every penny!

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