Thursday, March 11, 2010

i miss...

1. singing.
i realized the other night while driving home that i haven't hit a note for quite a while now. it was my cousin who reminded me that i used to sing... in public functions. she actually requested to sing a song or two on her wedding this april and i don't know if i can still do it. :(

2. playing the guitar.
i taught myself how to...ten summers ago. i used to borrow a guitar from our family friend and read old song hits, sing the lines and pluck the chords till i get it right. now i can only do a D, C, A, E and G.

3. drawing.
i used to draw/paint a lot when i was younger. i even got a "best in arts" award in 3rd grade :)
i am a frustrated artist and i admire people who can paint on walls and canvass or even on a scratch paper. i used to "waste" my mom's bond papers trying to perfect my artwork.

4. designing and making accessories.
i started designing and making them back in 2006. i was in okeechobee, florida for a 2 month vacation and most of time i was left alone at home. to kill time, i would google for design inspirations and start creating beautiful pieces. i remember how i forced my cousins to buy my "collection" when i transferred to california.

5. painting my nails.
lately, i haven't had the luxury of time to paint my nails and if i do, i'd just do it in a jiff. i miss spending a little bit more time choosing and experimenting colors.

6. coloring my hair.
i used to sport a blonde, black and red do. people found it eccentric but i found it cool.

7. doing pilates.
i used to do it almost everyday. now i can only do the "100s".

8. updating my playlist.
i used to update it every other day. now i just find it taxing.

9. watching a movie (in the movie house).
maybe it's the lack of time or the good movies worth spending time and money with. i dunno.

10. killing time in coffee shops with my girlfriends.
i guess we all got busy (i am secretly hoping though we didn't grow apart)

these are all i can think of right now. nonetheless, i feel bad that i have so little time in my hands. if only i could have the teeny weeny bit more luxury of time to do other things than work, i would love to take a step back and enjoy life better.

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