Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it comes in threes

as they say, misfortune comes in threes.

1st - i forgot my laptop at home and i just realized that i left it when i was already halfway to makati. i had to drive back and get that freaking laptop. imagine me shouting inside the car, cursing carelessly like a sailor. i could've reached the office at 9:30am IF i didn't forget to bring it.

2nd - my crazy IBM office laptop conked out when i was about to present to the client. it made that friggin' "ambulance" sound that i had to shamefully shove it back inside my laptop bag. useless piece of crap!

3rd - the worst thing that happened to me yesterday for the whole west block of Bonifacio High Street to see was i hit my head hard on the van's entrance. it was so hard i shouted so loud that it freaked out some by standers. worse, i was on the phone talking to the client when it happened. arrggghhhh!!!

monday, oh monday! how cruel and unforgiving and sadly, i was the innocent victim.


  1. hey hope ur head is ok! anyway, remember that negative attracts negative! the worse you feel, the more that awful stuff will come towards you! (The Secret)

    here's to better days, supahdyosa!! :D

  2. haha! i am about to post something about happy thoughts but am just having problems attaching photos. loveya! :)