Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sleep deprived

it's already 5:17 am and we're still up to man the shoot. the sun will soon rise and the camera is still grinding. i hope it will end soon. my bed is already calling me. my eyes are getting droopy. my senses are already getting numb.

i am so tempted to take a quick nap but half of me is fighting off this feeling. i need to stay awake for the next 3 hours and i am secretly hoping it'll not go beyond that anymore.

pimples, don't break out. i have a wedding to attend to this sunday. if i had it my way, i would be sound asleep by this time but the call of duty says otherwise.

i am already sleep deprived! can't wait to hit the sack but i just remembered, i still need to drive back home. uh-oh!

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