Tuesday, August 11, 2009

how much would you pay for a haircut?

i had may last haircut a month ago at azta urban salon in alabang town center. actually, they had to trim my mane before perming it. they could've charged me P600 for it but since the cost of perming my hair is already P3250, the haircut came for free! (not to mention i bought 3,+++ worth of hair products from them. the haircut should really be a bonus!)

how about you? how much are you willing to pay for a haircut? click this link http://www.stylebible.ph/poll.php?id=19 and vote now!

P.S. btw, i got featured in stylebible's "how much would you pay for a haircut" polls. hence the image above and the link. thanks cezie for the exposure! kilig. :-P

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